Does Your Cabin Air Filter Need Replacing?

There are two air filters in your Acadia. There's the cabin air filter and the engine air filter. Both serve completely different purposes, but each part is just as important.

The Cabin Air Filter

From October to May you could experience some very cold months living in Bremerton, Washington. On the other end of the spectrum, from July to September it could get uncomfortably warm. The good news is a clean cabin air filter can make sure you get through both extreme weather conditions in comfort. The cabin air filter is accessed through the glove compartment box inside of your car. It filters the air for your car's heating and cooling system. Accessing, checking and replacing or cleaning this filter are all easy tasks that you can do yourself.

Accessing Your Cabin Air Filter

You can access your cabin air filter by opening your glove compartment. Look for a knob, button or clasp on each side of the box and undo each of them. You may also find another button holding the glove box in place. It should be easy for you to remove by sliding, lifting or unscrewing it. Once you have worked all of its fasteners free, it won't detach completely but it will enough for you to access the cabin air filter. You should be able to just reach in and slide it out now. Inspect the filter. You're supposed to change it once a year or every 12,000 miles, but if it looks almost as clean as the new one or just about as new as it did the day you put it in, then you could just tap the dust and debris out and slide it back in place.

Getting a Replacement Cabin Air Filter

If you have determined that the filter is too dirty to reuse, then simply discard it, and put the new one in. Get a cabin air filter guaranteed to fit by choosing a genuine Acadia air filter available from GM Part located near you in Bremerton, Washington. Genuine OEM GMC car parts and accessories have at least a 12-month warranty, and it's always easy to get the exact part for your car make and model.

Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

You may need to replace the cabin air filter on your Acadia if:

-There is little or no air coming from the heating and cooling vents or it comes out in an uneven manner

-There's an unusual or unpleasant smell coming from the vents. This could be a sign that there's something caught in the filter too.

-Your engine seems less powerful

-There seems to be more dust in your car when the AC or heat is running and/or you start to suffer from allergies

-The windows in your car fog up - this could be a sign that your air filter is clogged or damaged

-You notice your car is less powerful when the heating or AC is running

While all of these signs could point to a dirty or damaged air filter, they could indicate a more serious problem. After changing your cabin air filter, if there is still one or more of these problems, then have a complete workup done on your car to catch the issue before it becomes more severe.

The Engine Air Filter

Located in its own box under the hood of your car, the engine air filter makes sure that all the air that your engine uses is clean of impurities that could damage your engine and shorten its lifespan. After accessing the air filter, access whether it is dirty by dropping it from about two feet above the ground. If a lot of dust and debris come out, then it's time to get a new filter. After replacing the filter, remember to close the filter's compartment and replace the screws or latches before closing the hood of the car and turning on the engine. If almost nothing comes out, then you can continue using it as long as the outer frame or seal is still intact and doesn't allow unfiltered air to seep through. Inspect your air filter each year. It's generally recommended that you replace your engine's air filter every 12 to 15,000 miles or once a year, but this may not be necessary if your Acadia isn't driven that much.

A new Acadia engine air filter is inexpensive. Make sure you get the right one by searching the GM Part website for an OEM Acadia engine air filter that matches your air filter part number or your VIN.

Signs That It Might Be Time to Change Your Engine Air Filter

You know it's time to have your air filter inspected when:

-Your car starts guzzling gas

-It takes a long time for your car to increase in speed

-Your engine doesn't start on the first try

-Black smoke, soot or even fire can be seen coming from the exhaust pipe

-Engine light is blinking

-Your engine starts to make weird sounds

-Your car jerks when you go to accelerate it

-You can smell gasoline when you start your engine

All of these signs could also point to something else too, so if upon noticing one of these abnormalities, you check your filter and all is well, then have the rest of the car inspected.

Never drive without an engine air filter in place. This could very quickly require that you have costly repairs done.

While not quite as dire, you don't want to drive without a cabin air filter either if you there is even the slightest possibility that you will be turning on the AC or heat. This filter is what keeps leaves, insects, dirt, dust and allergens from entering your vehicle.

A car can be a blessing or a mass of trouble. Don't let a simple thing like a dirty cabin or engine air filter be the starting point for a list of car woes. In addition to checking your car's filter regularly and watching for signs that they may be what's giving you car problems, don't ignore a problem when it starts. Have it checked out immediately. This will save you money and save you from a bigger problem later.